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Fatma Dodurka - Director

Having obtained an MA in TESOL in 2005, she returned home to teach K-12 English and operate a language café in the border city of Hatay. As a teacher with work and study -experiences from the US, she promoted study options from the USA and helped several students to go to the US schools. She wrote and implemented social EU projects for schools where they focused on boosting English language skills and cross-cultural ties with countries around the world. Growing up as a bilingual, her daughter started to be an inspiration for her speaking classes so they started offering summer intensive courses at their speaking café.

She wrote the 2019 UNESCO Learning City Hatay project. It was the only project to be approved from Turkey for 2019.She then started to coordinate it as well. With the support of governor and partners from the city, she organized art exhibits and learning festival days to display their work from e-Twinning projects at the public schools. With the pandemic and the shut-down, they needed to do everything virtual. She needed to operate projects and keep her students motivated. As the regional ambassador of Go Global Ukraine camp, she built a team from Turkey and joined the virtual summer school. It is then she started a debate forum called Go Global All Around the World. They got their first success at 2020 Global Learning Festival. They were then invited to join Wyndham Learning Festival and Limerick Learning Festival. To provide a sustainable platform, they offer debates on a regular base by hosting featuring guests. Having won an award from US Embassy, Ankara, Turkey, she is currently the coordinator of ‘’Be the Voice of Girls’’!