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What are we doing?

Fatma Dodurka is responsible for implementing the project. She has a degree in MATESL from the USA. She works as a K-12 ESL teacher and operates a speaking café. Additionally, she coordinates UNESCO Hatay Learning city project. She will coordinate the project and teach some English classes. To recruit volunteers for English and Art, she will assist İskenderun Community Education Center.

Carl Holtman will be assisting Ms. Dodurka as her project partner. He is a higher education and language assessment specialist. He will help with the budgeting, manage the US team, do administrative duties and volunteer at English workshops to support teaching of English.

Alara Dodurka is the young peer counselor. She is a talented bilingual with a rich portfolio of Art, English and student mobility tracks. She will be available in classes as a teaching assistant.


Our team that will Be the Voice of The Girls, doing great work.

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Fatma Dondurka

Having obtained an MA in TESOL in 2005, she returned home to teach K-12 English and operate a language café in the border city of Hatay. As a teacher with work and study -experiences from the US, she promoted study options from the USA and helped several students to go to the US schools.
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Carl Holtman

Project Partner
Carl moved to Turkey in 2003 after completing his MA in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies from University of Wisconsin. He has worked as an editor for several major publications in Turkey, including for the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office and Daily Sabah. He has also been involved in every imaginable facet of international education.
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Alara Dodurka

Young Peer Counselor
She has inspired many girls with her success stories and now as a Peer Leader of the Project, she wants to assist her peers and ‘’Be the Voice of Girls’’ with her work!

Our Partners and Sponsors

Our partners and sponsors who support us. If you want to support us, contact us.

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